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Sam-related software for Windows and/or DOS:
Note: You can understand Win32 as "any Microsoft Windows".
(Aley Keprt)
Sam Coupé emulator for DOS. Many new features - read included "whatsnew" & FAQ!
(DOS, also works in Windows 9x/ME/2000) Moved to new Download page 2!
SamEmu 0.01/WIP
home page
(Aley Keprt)
Yet another Sam Coupé emulator, much faster than SimCoupé. Click on "home page" to get more information. (DOS, also works under Windows 9x/ME)
SamView 0.20 & pictures
(Aley Keprt)
This program allows you to view Sam Coupé pictures and convert them to PCX format. (304KB) (DOS)
FdFormat/FdRead (lzh) (zip)
This program is needed to work with Sam diskettes on some PC AT's. It allows to work with 10-sectors-per-track diskettes. (DOS)
SBK - SamBackup
SMD - SamMasterDos

(Aley Keprt)
SBK can save a whole Sam disk to a PC-file. This imagefile can be used in SimCoupé or saved back to a Sam disk. To format a Sam disk you need FdFormat. As the name says, this is an emulator of SamDos and MasterDos features for MS-DOS. It can only read Sam/MasterDos disks and copy the files from them to PC hard drive. (Windows 95, DOS)
2sad 1.0
(Aley Keprt)
This program converts floppy disk images between DSK - SAD - SAD.GZ formats. (Win32, DOS)
2sad 1.01 fix
(Aley Keprt)
This just a little fix to DOS version. Win32 version 1.0 don't need to be upgraded. Fixed: long files names and wildcard support. (DOS-only fix!)
SamPlay & SAAemu
(Aley Keprt)
SAA1099 emulator and music player. SAA1099 is Sam's soundchip. Click to get more info. (Win32, DOS)

The games #1 This is Contact collection of public domain software. It contains Tetris, Shanghai, Soccer Boss, Silly Demo I, Da Boss, and some next demos.

How to convert a Sam disk to a PC-file:
At first you need a PC AT computer with a 3,5" floppy drive. Nothing special.
Saving a whole Sam disk to a PC-file is called "making a backup".
It's recommended to use combination of FdRead and SBK - SamBackup. FdRead is a high-quality BIOS patch for those computers, which can't read Sam diskettes directly. It also speeds up a bit reading of diskettes. SBK is program to make and restore backups of Sam diskettes. It supports nonstandard disks too (e.g. special 820k ones), and works perfectly under DOS and Windows. Latest version of SBK is optimized for Windows 9x.

How to work with disk images:
SBK stores disk images into SAD format (SAD as SAmDisk). They can be used by all emulators (SimCoupé, ASCD and SamEmu). If your emulator doesn't support SAD images, you probably need to upgrade to a newer version of emulator. You can use 2sad program to convert SAD files to "SAD version 2" which are well compressed. This compression is supported by both ASCD and new SimCoupé, and it is very similar to compressing SAD files with gzip -9 -n filename.sad.

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