SAAemu Audio System

last update: 12.06.2010

design & programming by Aley Keprt
Z80 CPU emulation library by FMS, advanced by Aley Keprt
SAA-1099 digital emulation library by Dave Hooper

Since original SimCoupé doesn't play SAA1099 tunes, this is the only possibility to do it. The problem is that the most of tunes are in-game ones, and they are subjects of copyright. So they cannot be freely redistributed. After downloading SAAemu package, you will be able to play music modules (see below) and to get the sound in the SimCoupé. The SAAemu is a generic audio system which can be included in many programs (incl. your ones).

Important: Don't update to the latest SAAsound.dll! The version it is corrupted!

Download here:
SAAemu Download Site
Please follow this link to the official SAAemu download site.
3 Gold Qjeta's Tunes
These are tunes from Kapsa 3,4,5 made by great Qjeta. Since Qjeta is the best musician ever worked on Sam scene, you MUST get this stuff!
3 Fuxoft's Tunes
This is a package of three great tunes by František Fuka (Fuxoft): Chimera, Monty On The Run, Shanghai. I have many other Fuxoft's tunes (Prince Of Persia, Splat, Manic Miner, Hexagonia, Triltex, The Viking), but these ones are from the full-price games sold by Revelation. As long as I won't be able to contact Revelation, I can't release all František's great tunes.
Out Of Colour
This package consists of four great tunes from the Polish demo called Out Of Colour (by Mat of E.S.I.). All the tunes were written by Ziutek (of E.S.I.) and they include great conversions of Axel F, Enola Gay and Popcorn.
Do you want more tunes? Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

How to use SamPlay & SAAemu:
Download the package (see below), it is ZIP packed. Then you can simply enter "saa32 tunes/tetris.sng" and you'll get the sound. You can configure the audio engine in file audio/SAAemu.ini. If you want to use DOS version (32bit DPMI), just copy the file from DOS subdirectory into main directory. Please don't run the executable directly from DOS subdirectory.

Note: SAAemu is a libabry which does the work. SamPlay is a program which uses SAAemu library. SAAemu for DOS is compiled into saa32.exe, SAAemu for Win32 uses SAAemu.dll. In addition, SAAemu.dll utilizes SAAsound.dll, the sound emulation library by Dave Hooper (also included in SAAemu package).

SamPlay emulates Z80 CPU together with 64KB RAM and SAA1099 chip, so it is able to play most of the Sam music modules. The "music module" is a part of Sam Coupé's program which plays the sound. You can extract the music modules from any programs (usually games). Simply save one or two memory banks to a file (each memory bank is 16384 bytes of Sam's memory). Then load them to SamPlay and you should get the sound. The SamPlay calls 50 times per second address 32768 (or 32774 when playing E-Tracker modules). You can play any E-Tracker (compiled) modules with or without inline E-Tracker player. Simply run the original E-Tracker compiler, compile your tune, (you don't need to merge the player) and save it to a diskette. Then convert that file to your hard drive and run SamPlay. It should play!

I can rip almost any music modules from any programs you'll send me. The only problem is the copyright issue. In general you shouldn't use any music modules ripped from full-price games which you haven't bought. It shouldn't be a problem to use modules from freeware games/demos.

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