Sam Coupé Power Supply Unit

Here I provide some information on Sam Coupé power supply unit (PSU).
Note that my PSU is not in original state, also note that some original PSU's can be different.

PCU backplate

PSU photo 1

PSU photo 2

PSU circuit diagram
D1	1N5401
D2	1N5401
D3 	unreadable *8216
D4	12V 5W Zener diode
R1	33R 4W +/-10% resistor
R2	150R
R3	82R
R4	3R3
R5	3R3
C1	16V 4700uF
C2	16V 4700uF
C3	Rifa PHE 353 / 100V 220n film cap
C4	16V 1000uF
C5	missing (not connected)
C6	ceramic cap B 102 (i.e. 1 nF)
L1	missing (there's a wire connection instead of it)
Q1	IO 7805 (5V 1A voltage regulator)
Q2	IO 7805 (5V 1A voltage regulator)
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