The List of Sam Coupé Games

This page was written in 2001. Last minor update: 22.03.2012


Pipe ManiaHere comes the list of Sam Coupé games those I've been tested in SimCoupé. All games were tested on the MS-DOS versions of SimCoupé 0.70, 0.74, 0.78 and ASCD 0.90 and 0.95/0.96/0.97. If a game worked in an old version of SimCoupé, I haven't tested it in the latest version. I assume it works too. Some games can be spread in more than one version, so if you have other experiences than me, please let me know. Also, you may have other nice games those aren't listed here. It's because I stopped work with Sam Coupé in the early 1994, so the games listed here are mostly the old ones. So, if you have a nice game, please pack it and mail to me.

SpheraSome games are full-price, the others are public domain or freeware. If you want to download some free-of-charge games, simply click on a highlighted name. Warning: There are usually some games packed together onto one diskette. So, if you download one of them, you'll automatically get the other ones too. It is possible that I'll add next packages in the future.

All games listed here were tested in SAD image format. Some games were originally copy-protected, but the protection had to be removed in order to run the game in emulator! Please don't ask for these SAD images, I can't give them to you. The authors still stupidly keep their copyrights, so I can't give you anything. I don't understand why somebody wants to sell 1990 games in 2001 or 2012, but he does, so we must respect it.

Action games - working ones:
Splat Batz'n'Balls (The Lords 1992) - like Arkanoid, excellent graphics and music, mouse support
Defender (Persona/Digital Reality 1998) - classic arcade shooting game conversion
Defenders Of The Earth (Enigma 1990) - arcade-like shooting, nice graphics
Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (Enigma 1990) - the best one by Enigma, pseudo-3D arcadeshooting, nice graphics and music
F16 Combat Pilot (Digital Integration 1990) - excellent flight simulation (playable demo only)
Future Ball (Enigma 1990) - stupid sport-like game, nice graphics
Manic Miner (Soft Projects 1992) - excellent realization of very famous arcade game, nice graphics and music
Prince Of Persia (Revelation 1992) - a classic one; they say this is the best game for Sam
Sam Strikes Out (Enigma 1990) - like Jet Set Willy, poor playability, nice graphics and music
Sphera (Enigma 1990) - space shooting, nice graphics
Tweety (The Lords 1991) - pigeon shooting, nice graphics and music, looks like a demo
Vegetable Vacation (Revelation 1992) - arcade with flying vegetables, nice graphics

Logic games - working ones:
Snake Mania Boxes (Axoft 1992) - stupid puzzle, MODE 3 graphics, poor music
BS Sound 1 (Axoft 1992) - silly musical experiment, no graphics
Coloris (S.Haller) - like Tetris, but color-based, poor design, nice music
Craft (E.S.I. 1992) - excellent original logic, excellent graphics and music
Dyadic (Revelation 1992) - Just a compilation of "Craft" & "Snake Mania"
Explode (Daton 1990) - superb stones-based game, no music
Famous Five (Enigma 1990) - classic adventure with some pictures, no music
Football Director II (Huggard/De Salis) - soccer manager, no graphics, no music
Gemstones (Daton 1990) - sperb stones-based game, nice graphics, but no music
Hexagonia (Scorpion 1992) - like Atomix, nice graphics, excellent music
Impatience (Fred 1991) - Just a compilation of "Impatience" and "The Viking Came"
Klax (Atari 1990) - very famous game, excellent playability, nice graphics and music
Kreuzen (Quantum) - I don't understand this one
Lovehearts (Daton) - like Atomix
Momentum (Revelation 1992) - pseudo-3D game, very well realized, excellent graphics and music
Pipe Mania (Enigma 1990) - very famous and popular game, nice graphics and music
Sam Map 2 (Axoft 1992) - geographical test, nice graphics
Sam The Bandit (Daton) - the gambling machine
Shanghai (Fuxoft 1990) - traditional logic game, also known as Mah Jongg
Snake Mania (E.S.I. 1992) - very famous and popular "hungry snake"-game, beautiful graphics and excellent music
Soccer Boss (David Cowell 1990) - a soccer manager, that contains a bug(s) - not because of SimCoupé
Tetris (The Lords 1990) - perfect Tetris, nice music
The Viging Came (Fred 1991) - like Reversi, mouse support
Triltex (Fred 1991) - like Shanghai, idiotic design, mouse support


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