These pages were created by Aley Keprt, the great programmer who has never made any great program.

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last update of THIS page: 22.03.2012

Well, this page was declared (by me) as an European Home of SimCoupé - not the only, but the best Sam Coupé emulator ever made. Original SimCoupé was terribly written program, originally developed on Unix, but then it was continued only in DOS version. Despite its source code organization, it functioned quite well. Even later, the brutally rewritten Win32 version was released (see link below), which shares only the famous name with the original product.

This is the european home because SimCoupé came across La Manche, from the Great country of Britain.
Despite of Great Britain, all these pages are placed on our continent in the land of Czech.

Sam Coupé - the original
ASCD - the new emulator
SamEmu - the old emulator
SAAemu - audio system
SimCoupé - the emulator

HCC's Megaman Cup - Sam Coupé games in tournament

The Games
Download Page 1
Download Page 2
Power Supply Unit information
SCS snapshot file format

Sam Coupé's wake up

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